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June 11, 2014

Shack Week: Andrew Zimmern’s AZ Cabrito Butter Burger

Stop by Madison Square Park today and try out Andrew Zimmern's AZ Cabrito Burger for the Shake Shack 10th Anniversary celebration

Shack Week continues in full swing with a new burger from Andrew Zimmern. Perhaps best known as the host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, Zimmern set out to create a burger that incorporated everything he loves about the quintessential American comfort food. The result was the AZ Cabrito Butter Burger.

The AZ Cabrito features a goat burger with herb butter topped with a slice of roasted tomato, charred onion and sweet pickle.

Zimmern shared his inspiration for the burger with us:

“Shake Shack has set the standard for a decade when it comes to the perfect burger, fries and shake experience. I used my love of all things Shack-tastic when I first started working on Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen 2 years ago. When we launched we put a griddled goat butter burger on the menu with house pickles, roasted onions and oven dried tomatoes. We called it the Canteen Burger but it was always for me an homage to the classic burgers of my youth–burgers that Shake Shack has built an empire on. The Shack partners phenomenal operators and some of the best people I know and I am honored to be included in this epic celebration and thrilled to make our Canteen Burger for the fans and followers of Shake Shack.”

Zimmern will be at Shake Shake today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a meet and greet. Swing by to say hi and try out the burger.

Remember that both Monday and Tuesday’s burgers went fast, so be sure to get there early.