There's No Place Like NoMad

June 12, 2014

Shack Week: Daniel Humm’s Shake Shack Anniversary Burger

Shake Shack’s week-long 10th anniversary celebration continues with today’s featured burger: Daniel Humm’s Humm Burger. NoMad neighborhood legend Daniel Humm has become one of the culinary world’s biggest names for his work as chef and owner of both Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad. The three starred Michelin chef will be providing his Humm Burger as the accompaniment to Shake Week’s biggest day of celebrations.

The Humm Burger is an extravagant beef patty topped with melted gruyere, all-natural applewood smoked bacon, celery relish, bibb lettuce, truffle mayo and layers of shaved fresh black truffle.

Humm talked to us about his appreciation of Danny Meyer and the Shake Shack crew:

“As a restaurant we will always be tied to Shake Shack, not just because of our proximity to Madison Square Park and the original location, but because when Shake Shack first opened the food was prepped in the Eleven Madison Park kitchen! Danny Meyer and all that work for the Shack will always have a huge place in our hearts – we admire what they have done, do and what they will do!  It’s amazing to see how that original Shack has thrived, how they’ve contributed to the growth and improvement of the neighborhood, and how their brand has expanded beyond this tiny piece of New York City… for our burger we wanted something that had acid, salt, texture, and was just purely enjoyable and balanced. It may be a bit luxurious, but it’s supposed to be a treat!”

Head over to the park today to try out Humm’s burger and catch some of the festivities. Dominique Ansel will be giving away free slices of his Shake Shack birthday cake, there will be a “pay what you like” Shack-ago hotdog stand, Brooklyn Brewery will be selling their specially brewed Shake X IPA and Miniature Tigers will headline an afternoon and evening of live music.