There's No Place Like NoMad

There are many great events in the NoMad District this weekend.

There is fun for the whole family at Madison Square Park in the NoMad District this weekend as well as exciting nightlife. Madison Square Park in the NoMad District is a great spot to relax and enjoy the day with the family or by yourself. If you swing over to the park soon, you can make it for Art in […]

There are many New York video games companies in and around NoMad

New York City has a very vibrant video game culture. There are New York video games companies all over town including a few in and around NoMad New York. When most people think of video games companies they probably don’t think of New York City. Tokyo might come to mind, or California and Korea might pop up. However, New York […]

Silicon Alley refers to the NYC technology corridor running along the R Train

Forget Silicon Valley in California, the hottest up and coming area for tech startups in the country is Silicon Alley!  Where is Silicon Alley? For those who have not heard of it, Silicon Alley refers to the area of New York City where the R train runs through which contains the bulk of the city’s tech startups. From Midtown, through […]

Sputyen Duyvil will be playing in Madison Square Park in the NoMad District on July 4

Looking for something to do on July 4th? The NoMad District has you covered.  Want to have a good night at the Ace Hotel? They are offering a great deal through July 5th. You can book one of their “bunk rooms” for $189 a night and they will throw in a Heineken pony keg. To take advantage of this, book […]

An interesting story of New York History featuring NoMad New York nightlife

  Two respectable women wanted to have dinner at 6:15 PM at a local rooftop restaurant, but were refused service because they did not have a male escort. Seems unbelievable doesn’t it, especially in the heart of NoMad New York, but that’s just what happened. On a warm August 5th evening in 1907, Harriot Stanton Blatch, daughter of the famous suffragette, Elizabeth […]

NoMad District in New York Map

Travel + Lesiure magazine recently published a great article on the opening of the NoMad Hotel and how it heralds the coming of age of NoMad: “Considering its position at the heart of Manhattan—as central as central gets—it’s a bit odd that the area between 26th and 30th Streets, Park Avenue and Broadway didn’t, until recently, even have a name. […]

A hundred year’s after it was first introduced, and less than three blocks from where it was first created, The NoMad Bar is now serving the Widow’s Kiss cocktail. Here is a classic recipe for making the perfect Widow’s Kiss cocktail. Ingredients: 1 oz. Brandy 1/2 oz. Yellow Chartreuse 1/2 oz. Benedictine 1 dash Bitters Mixing instructions for Widow’s Kiss cocktail: […]

Learn about Delmonico's Steak House and use our recipe to create your own Delmonico cocktail!

Delmonico’s was one of the most legendary restaurants in NoMad and all of New York City. Their signature cocktail the Delmonico’s No. 1 is a fantastic drink. Check out the recipe below, or make some changes to create your own Delmonico cocktail! Share your recipes with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #DelmonicoCocktail. Ingredients: 3/4 ounce London dry gin […]

The Manhattan is one of the most famous cocktails ever. It is another cocktail that first originated here in NoMad, as many believe it was created at the Manhattan Club for the first time in the 1870s. Ingredients: 3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth 2 1/2 oz. Blended Bourbon dash Angostura bitters 2 or 3 Ice cubes 1 Maraschino cherry 1 twist of […]

Want to learn the perfect Rob Roy recipe? The Rob Roy is one of the most famous New York cocktails, and it was an integral part of the early cocktail culture here in NoMad. Below you’ll find a classic Rob Roy recipe for you to try at home: Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz. Scotch 3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth 1 dash Angostura bitters […]