There's No Place Like NoMad

August 30, 2012

Famed Chefs Daniel Humm and Greg Achatz to Trade Places

Chicago restaurant Alinea will come to NoMad New York in September

For five days, starting on September 26th, Chicago’s Alinea will be coming to NoMad New York’s Eleven Madison Park. For $495 (plus tax and a 20 percent service charge) you can head down to NoMad New York and sample some of Chicago’s finest cuisine.

Both restaurants have three Michelin stars and draw raves from foodies and critics. On October 7th, Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park will return the favor and travel to Chicago to serve their food to Greg Achatz’s midwestern clientele.

This project is being called “21st Century Limited,” a reference to the “20th Century Limited” train that ran between New York and Chicago in the last century. The idea came about over cocktails last year, and was sealed with a handshake deal between the two chefs.

While the price tag may seem a bit high, both restaurants are saying that they will lose money from this endeavor. With both restaurants being ranked in the top 10 in the most recent “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” survey, neither have anything to prove. This project showcases two chefs, at the top of their craft, thinking outside of the box for love of what they do.