The District That Inspires®

The NoMad neighborhood is breathing new life into the infamous Tenderloin District of New York City.

Manhattan Unlocked is a great blog for finding about New York history — in depth. Recently in an article on the Haymarket and NoMad, Manhattan Unlocked noted that the New York City neighborhood of NoMad is on the rise and is bringing life to an area left unfilled because of its wild and notorious past during New York’s gilded age. […]

The NoMad District is featured in New York literature like O. Henry’s “The Sparrows in Madison Square”… The young man in straitened circumstances who comes to New York City to enter literature has but one thing to do, provided he has studied carefully his field in advance. He must go straight to Madison Square, write an article about the sparrows […]

  Marble Collegiate Church, “America’s Hometown Church,” at 29th Street and Fifth Avenue in NoMad New York is the oldest corporation in the United States. It is an amazing landmark and another great destination for New York history in the neighborhood of NoMad. Marble Collegiate Church is also the oldest Protestant organization in North America with continuous service for 382 […]

The NoMad District pops up all over the history of New York literature including Thomas Mallon’s Two Moons… By the time Madison Square appeared, like a great frozen plain, he could move with only a quarter the speed he’d had starting out. But Roscoe Conkling would make it across this last expanse and into The Hoffman House, whose outline, behind the great […]

Have you ever wondered why one of the world’s most famous sports and entertainment arenas, located in midtown, is called Madison Square Garden.  It’s not a garden or near Madison Square.  Well, once it was both, it was right here, by Madison Park in NoMad New York. The first Madison Square Garden was actually right on Madison Square Park at […]