There's No Place Like NoMad

January 19, 2017

The NoMad Hotel and Restaurant Brands Expand to Los Angeles, Las Vegas

The NoMad opens a new restaurant and hotel in Los Angeles

Over the past few years. we have seen the name “NoMad” rise to prominence as a signifier of the best food, quality of life, creativity and design and hotels that New York City has to offer.

Now, the NoMad Hotel and restaurant brands are beginning to expand around the United States and carrying the NoMad name to the rest of the country. This coming fall, the team behind Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad restaurant (Daniel Humm and Will Guidara) will be opening NoMad Los Angeles. “We don’t want the NoMad to be a carbon copy of what we do in New York,” Daniel Humm told the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles iteration will be the team’s first finished project outside of Manhattan.

The NoMad Hotel will expand its brand, too, with a new location in downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, it is set to open a location in Las Vegas sometime in 2018, according to Conde Nast Traveler. The Monte Carlo resort in Las Vegas is being split in two and undergoing a $450 million renovation that will result in a new NoMad Hotel along with another location for the third NoMad restaurant.

It is amazing to see the reputation of NoMad brands expand to the West Coast, and with it a reflection of the name of our neighborhood, which represents so many qualities associated with the hotel and restaurant — quality, fine food, creativity, and good living. We’re sure it’s only the beginning!