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Winston Churchill famously said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.  An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” New skills, tools, and approaches can help us be more dynamic to face an ever-changing future. If you have downtime during this period, why not learn something new? Below are some areas you might explore and a sampling of resources […]

During difficult times, New York City’s food banks and soup kitchens are even more in need of resources. BLACKBARN and John Doherty are doing what they can to help. Currently, every BLACKBARN entrée purchased buys a Heavenly Harvest meal for the elderly homebound through Citymeals on Wheels. In 2015, Chef John Doherty opened BLACKBARN restaurant in NoMad, as well as […]

Mark Twain once said, “Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.” Books have always had the unique ability to take us to places and times different from our own. Whether they provide sheer escapism or interesting counterpoint to our own situation, they never cease to provide a wealth of entertainment, adventure, and enlightenment. As New York City […]

Eleven Madison Park, one of NoMad’s most notable restaurants, reopened as a non-profit that is preparing and distributing food for first responders and New Yorkers in need of food. Led by chef Daniel Humm, with funding help from American Express, the kitchen and staff are now focused on getting meals to New Yorkers on the front line and those facing […]

Perhaps no sector of the economy has suffered more than employees who have been furloughed or laid-off as restaurants, hotels, and stores close and businesses of all types scale back. We have collected information about assistance available to individual employees.  As the situation develops, we will continue to post additional information that may help you, including news of new aid […]

Every industry is looking for ways to weather today’s rapidly changing business climate, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality sectors, among the hardest hit. We have pulled together a list of government, national, and local resources, which may be of help, and will continue to collect information to share with members of one of NoMad’s most appreciated assets. Government […]

The financial response of the U.S. Congress, New York State and New York City to the Coronavirus Crisis has been swift and multi-pronged. There is a great deal of information across the internet on assistance, which we are continuing to synthesize and deliver to NoMad in a timely but concise fashion.  Even non-governmental sources have devised aid programs to help […]

Exercise experts from NoMad are offering tons of innovative at-home ways to keep off what many people are calling tongue-in-cheek, “the Covid 19,” referring to those extra pounds we’re all gaining from staying inside, eating more comfort foods than ever, and having that extra glass of wine (or two) and weekday cocktails. Home exercise has defintley come a long, long […]

As we do our best to be conscientious of the safety of ourselves and those around us during this global health crisis, staying indoors and isolating ourselves can seem like a daunting, if necessary, prospect. But with the brilliance of modern technology, there is no shortage of meaningful and culturally enriching ways to pass the time and allow us to […]

As daily routines and ways of doing business are changing dramatically, there are plenty of things to be done to keep business in motion. A comprehensive list could be quite long and will differ across businesses and industries. Below are 9 general things to consider as you look to the future. 1. Keep In Front of Customers Maintain and continue […]