There's No Place Like NoMad

April 25, 2017

Healthy Mediterranean Fare With a Taste as Big as Texas

View the sign from the VERTS NoMad NYC location.


Michael Heyne and Dominick Stein, as fellow business students in Texas, missed the taste of the Turkish street food, “döner kebap,” which is wildy popular in their native Germany. To fill this culinary gap, Heyne and Stein created a Mediterranean-themed spot with a choose-your-own-adventure selection process.


verts nomad nyc location kitchen


Turkish kebab met Texan bravado and success was born. Starting truly small, they served their first meals out of a Smart Car, garnering a Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s smallest food truck!


verts nomad nyc location platter


Five years and 30 Texas locations later, VERTS stakes its second East Coast location (the first was in Boston) right here in NoMad. Not lacking in culinary choices, NoMad is nonetheless the perfect neighborhood for this reasonably-priced healthy choice. Where else can you get crispy falafel, delicious quinoa, hand-carved beef and lamb, fresh vegetables and many other choices? Hearty food that comes at a not-so-hearty price is just right for the hungry NoMadder on the go.


verts nomad nyc location interior


Some people are calling it “the next Chipotle,“ but we think you’ll just call it “delicious!”

24 East 23rd Street
Monday through Sunday 11AM – 10PM
(646) 858-0609