There's No Place Like NoMad

April 2, 2013

Whiskey Tasting At The Flatiron Room

flatiron room owner tommy tardie takes us through a whiskey tasting

Last week, we were lucky enough to have a private whiskey tasting at The Flatiron Room. Upon arriving, we were greeted by Heather Greene, the new NoMad establishment’s Whiskey Sommelier. After taking a seat in their beautiful space, we were given a bit of whiskey history by Heather.

heather greene is the whiskey sommelier at the flatiron room

After a few minutes, Flatiron Room owner Tommy Tardie came over with as many whiskey bottles as he could carry and put them on the table in front of us. Tommy was thoughtful and engaging. He explained that after years of working in advertising, he wanted to open a spot that was “a little more mature” and where you could “catch up and have a conversation.” He said he chose the NoMad neighborhood because he sees the same signs here that were present in the Bowery and Meatpacking as they rose to become a couple of the hottest neighborhoods in the city.

Tommy Tardie leading a whiskey tasting at the flatiron room

After a little while, it was time to begin our whiskey tasting. Tommy began the tasting by sharing the folklore surrounding the history of bourbon. The bourbon he chose for us to taste was Mitcher’s. Before it even hits your palate, the drink’s sweetness was evident in the aroma alone.

mitcher's bourbon at the flatiron room

We then moved to a variety of single malts. Tommy poured us Glenfarclas, Brenne, Bunnahabhain and Laphroaig (which Tommy described as a “love it or hate it” scotch). Tommy explained to us that many scotches are made in ex-bourbon barrels imported from America. Tommy also gave his opinion that the sweet spot for scotch is when it has been aged around the range of 17 years.

flatiron room custom glass

Tommy also taught us that scotch made in Islay is different because it is made with peat. The decomposed vegetation (dried up seaweed and fish bones) wraps around the barley throughout the whole process to give the final drink a very complex flavor.

peat is used to make scotch in islay

If you want to have a whiskey tasting of your own in the NoMad neighborhood, The Flatiron Room conducts classes in their upstairs room. They close the curtain for an intimate feel. The classes are led by their Whiskey Sommelier Heather Greene and she’ll even teach you how to make your own cocktails. Their next class is on April 10th. For more information, head over to The Flatiron Room’s website.

Thanks to the entire staff at The Flatiron Room for such a wonderful experience!