There's No Place Like NoMad

April 26, 2013

Weekend in NoMad: Jazz and Technology Forum at Ace Hotel

ace hotel will host the jazz and technology forum

There is a really interesting event going on this Saturday. A collaboration between Monthly Music Hackathon NYC and Ace Hotel New York, the Jazz and Technology Forum will take place on UNESCO International Jazz Day. It makes sense that this event is taking place in NoMad seeing as though the neighborhood has become a hotbed for Jazz in NYC.

The purpose of the Jazz and Technology Forum is for people to meet up to discuss the upcoming challenges and ideas that will permeate the worlds of Jazz, music information research, music technology and musicology. After the discussions that day, there will be a free concert at 7pm in which music created that day will be performed. The findings from the day will be put online as well.

Here is the schedule for the Jazz and Technology Forum (via the Ace Hotel website): 

10:00am : Coffee

10:25am : Opening remarks

10:30am : Brian McFee, postdoctoral research scholar in the Center for Jazz Studies and LabROSA at Columbia University

– Overview of the field of Music Information Retrieval (MIR)

– Interesting issues when applying MIR approaches to Jazz

– Some analysis tools to assist musicians and programmers in hacking

11:00am : Ben Lacker, musician and software engineer

– How data generated by MIR tools can be used to create new music

– Some tools to assist musicians and programmers in composing, performing and remixing

11:30am : Participant introductions

11:45am : Whole-group Q&A and brainstorm of project ideas

12:15pm : Decide which projects to work on, break into teams

12:30pm : Lunch, start working …hackathon

6:00pm : Collaboratively put together concert program

6:30pm : Doors open for concert

7:00pm : Introductory talk summarizing the day

7:15pm : Concert and presentations of the day’s work. Special guests Ben Wendel & Dan Tepfer.