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May 24, 2016

Vogue Features New NoMad Fitness Studio Tone House

Vogue featured the new NoMad fitness studio Tone House

NoMad has seen a big influx in new fitness studios this year, and the trend is continuing with the opening of an expansive new space for Tone House, which was featured recently in Vogue.

Tone House, known for its high-intensity boot camp-like workouts, has built up a strong cult following. The studio calls itself “New York City’s first-ever extreme athletic-based group fitness studio.” The structure of the core classes is certainly unique. Rather than an entire room being led by an instructor and executing the same workout in unison, the class splits up into small groups of three or four individuals. These small groups take turns doing the exercises with the instructor for intense ten-minute sessions while the rest of the class stands by, cheering and rooting them on. Not only does this increase the level of intensity of the workouts, but also it builds strong group cohesion. In the process, clients develop strength, agility, endurance and mental toughness.

Tone House, which opened its first small studio space in the Union Square area in March 2014, was founded by model and professional athlete Alonzo Wilson. After playing college football at Grand Valley State and winning two Division II National Championships with the team, Wilson moved to New York to work as a trainer and model. His experience in sports made Wilson appreciate the intense form of physical training athletes go through and the fact that most people don’t have the opportunity to workout at that level.

Vogue featured the new NoMad fitness studio Tone House

When his mother died of cancer, Wilson was convinced that her lack of fitness contributed to the onset of the disease, and it gave him a new sense of mission. He became focused on helping people achieve peak physical conditioning, and his private training clientele grew into Tone House.

Vogue cited the studio’s “gleaming new location” in NoMad, at 32 East 31st Street. Tone House’s expansion is significant — from its 2,000 sq. ft. walkup on Union Square to its new 7,600 sq. ft location in NoMad. At almost four times its original size, Tone House has the space to meet growing demand for its classes.

If you are looking to get in seriously good shape and challenge yourself, while making some great new friends along the way, swing by and welcome Tone House to the neighborhood.