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March 6, 2013

Topsy Turvy Closed for the Day (UPDATE)

New York Public Art

Due to inclement weather, Madison Square Park public art installation Topsy Turvy is closed for the day. Topsy Turvy: A Camera Obscura Installation went live last week and runs through April 5.

Update: Topsy Turvy is still closed as of Thursday March 7. 

Conceived by artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, Topsy Turvy takes one of the world’s oldest moving image devices and blows it up into a 10x10ft interactive structure. This Mad Sq Art commission is the newest piece by these artists who have been working together for over a decade. A reception was held in Madison Square Park recently to celebrate the launch of this new installation.

For the latest updates on the reopening of this piece, follow Madison Square Park’s Facebook page.