There's No Place Like NoMad

January 28, 2013

NoMad Neighbors: Tommy Tardie from The Flatiron Room

Read our NoMad Neighbor interview with Tommy Tardie, owner of The Flatiron Room

Time for installment #3 of our NoMad Neighbors feature! So far we have heard what Riccardo Dardha from Bread & Tulips and Soni Pomaski from Birch Coffee like to do in the neighborhood. Tommy Tardie, owner of new NoMad NY staple The Flatiron Room, was kind enough to answer some questions about where he likes to go in the neighborhood. The Flatiron Room has quickly established itself as a go-to spot for after-work drinks as well as an intimate spot for a date. Check out his answers below!


Where do you go to lunch most often?

I’m a big fan of Bread & Tulips on 26th and Park. A little hidden gem I like to go to when I’m having lunch with a friend, co-worker or client I’m entertaining. If it’s just me and I’ve got limited time I hit up HogPit. It’s right next door and the food is always consistently good. I’ve heard good things about Maysville so that’s on my list of places to try as well.

Quirkiest place in NoMad?

I’ve got to say the “quirkiest” place is the patch of broadway that spans 26th street up to 29th street.  The juxtaposition of the street throws my mind for a loop every time. Walk on the west side get discount jeans, sneakers, perfume.  A cacophony of sounds associated with vendors, retailers and customers looking for a deal. Walk down the east side and you have the likes of Ace, Nomad Hotel and haute fashion. Gotta love the diversity of the neighborhood. It’s what makes it so special.

Favorite art installation at Madison Square Park? 

This was some time ago but I’ve got to go with the Tree Houses. I grew up in Maine so for me this brought back really strong memories of childhood. The city has a way of making you forget that you were once a kid who skipped rocks, climbed trees and ate popsicles for dinner. The Tree House Exhibit was a nice reminder of youth.

Where do you go for drinks after work? 

Trick question? The Flatiron Room of course. OK, when I want a drink OUTSIDE my establishment I walk directly across the street to Hanjan. Nice spot with a comfortable bar and very friendly bartender. He mixes some incredible cocktails. The overall environment is very welcome and warm. Food happens to be great too.

What is your favorite spot to grab coffee?

Lavazza at Eataly is a favorite of mine. I think part of the appeal is stepping into someone else’s vacation for a few minutes. Whenever I walk into the coffee shop area, I love feeling the energy and excitement of tourists as they take a break from sight seeing to get their caffeine fix.

What is your favorite building in NoMad?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken pictures of the building at the North East corner of 29th and Broadway. I don’t know anything about it but It’s amazing. The contrast of the top of the building with the sky always gets me. It’s old world sophisticated.

Best spot to take a date or your significant other?

Again with the trick question? The Flatiron Room of course. Live music, amazing cocktails and nearly 600 whiskey’s (shameless plug…I know).