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May 27, 2020

Tips for Getting on with Life Safely and Sanely

As we all get on with our day-to-day lives, simple everyday activities in New York – like riding an elevator – can be fraught with questions and fears. Staying healthy, sensible, and sane is everyone’s goal. But how best to achieve this can be challenging, given all of the information and sensational misinformation that’s out there about coronavirus.

The New York Times has an ongoing series written by Tara Parker-Pope, which is extremely useful. She speaks with aerosol scientists, infectious disease experts, microbiologists, and health professionals regarding questions and concerns many New Yorker’s have.

In her article, “Can I Get Coronavirus from Riding an Elevator?” Parker-Pope reports on the realities, relative risks, and practical precautions to take when riding an elevator. For New Yorkers who must use an elevator, the following is recommended:

  • When possible, avoid riding with another person.
  • Always wear a mask inside the elevator, even if you’re riding alone — a mask will help protect you from the last passenger, and will protect the next passenger from your germs.
  • Avoid touching your face after touching elevator buttons.
  • Wash your hands afterward.
  • If you must ride with another person or two, don’t get in unless everyone inside is wearing a mask.

Read the full article here.

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We all want to get on with our lives, but in responsible, sensible ways. Fact-based information from experts with direct, practical applications – like what’s found in the above articles – can be exceptionally useful while trying to stay healthy and sane at the same time.