There's No Place Like NoMad

December 6, 2012

NoMad Buzz: Village Voice, Elitism Style

The NoMad Hotel and restaurant has been getting a lot of buzz in publications lately, from The Village Voice to Elitism Style.

The NoMad Hotel and The NoMad restaurant have been getting lots of press lately. In the last couple days, they were each featured in the Village Voice and Elitism Style.

The Village Voice runs a feature where they post a picture of a dish and then they ask “Where am I eating?” This week Mallory Stuchin posted a picture of butter-dipped radishes with fleur de sell and asked for guesses in the comment section. Commenter “david.p.pollack” correctly guessed that they were at The NoMad. For his correct guess he won a cookbook!

The NoMad Hotel was featured in Elitism Style this week. The post features large and vibrant pictures of the space and speaks highly of the hotel.

The NoMad neighborhood has been getting lots and lots of press coverage recently!