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February 15, 2019

The New Virgin Hotel Tower Tops Out

Via Yimby

Over the past few months, the widely-anticipated Virgin Hotel Tower under construction at 1225 Broadway has begun to take its final shape. When we checked in last summer, construction had passed the tenth floor of the projected 38-floor structure. As of the first of this year, according to Yimby, the tower has nearly reached its full height of 476 feet.


Developed by the Lam Group and designed by VOA Associates, the new tower will house the first Virgin Hotel in NYC (and only the second Virgin Hotel in the U.S.). The plans take the tower up 38 floors with an all-glass façade. The hotel’s considerable height when compared to nearby neighbors will give guests sweeping views of the city on all sides, including a striking perspective of The Empire State Building. The Virgin will make its mark on the skyline too, because it has a unique profile. The building’s flat form is set back from the street and both the front and back of the tower parallel the diagonal of Broadway.


The hotel will offer 460 guest rooms within the tower, plus 90,000 square feet of retail space at its podium. Above the retail podium, a generous outdoor terrace will provide seating and views for hotel guests and the general public – a unique amenity in New York.


When builders first broke ground on the hotel in 2015, estimates suggested a 2018 opening, then 2019. Overcoming some earlier delays, progress has been steady over the past year and based on the current level of completion, Yimby has adjusted the Virgin Hotel’s estimated opening to 2020.