There's No Place Like NoMad

July 31, 2012

The History of The Hurricane Club Feast

Hurricane Club is a great place to go drinking in New York

There are many great restaurants in NoMad participating in Restaurant Week. Not all of them have such a colorful history as The Hurricane Club.

The Hurricane Club sits on the same site that hosted a wild yearly “Hurricane Club” feast from 1846-1873. This was one of the legendary sites to go drinking in New York hundreds of years ago. The history of this event starts on the high seas with Captain Drake “Goldbelly” Stillman and his first mate, Delilah “Little Rose” Netherlander.

While transporting exotic foods and beverages from the South Pacific, their ship “The Junebug” was hit by a storm and and wrecked along the coast of Lokoko. After washing up on shore they were captured by King Pappu and Queen Ludellah and were forced to beg for their lives.

While this wild hurricane continued, the food that had been with the boat was used for a decadent feast. To show their gratitude, the King and Queen led the construction of a new boat, “The Junebug II.” They filled the boat with local delicacies and sent Goldbelly and Little Rose on their way home.

After returning to New York City, Goldbelly and Little Rose led a year feast called “The Hurricane Club” to mark what had happened in Lokoko. In 1861, the King and Queen of Lokoko even joined the various groups of artists, Navy officials, merchants and diplomats that attended the yearly event.

Located at 360 Park Avenue South in NoMad, The Hurricane Club is a modern take on a tiki bar and restaurant. They fuse a sophisticated supper club atmosphere with a retro tiki environment and is a great spot to eat and go drinking in New York.