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November 10, 2014

Teresita Fernandez Selected For Madison Square Park Art

Teresita Fernandez’s installation Fata Morgana has been selected as the next Madison Square Park Art's public art exhibit.

Starting April 30th, Madison Square Park Conservancy 2015 will launch their most ambitious installation ever. Fata Morgana consists of 500 feet of polished golden discs extending over the park’s Oval Lawn. The discs form a canopy over the pathways around the central area of the park and are perforated with patterns resembling foliage, enabling sunlight to flicker and create intricate patterns as visitors walk underneath the sculpture.

NYC artist Teresita Fernández, a 2005 MacArthur Fellow, created the installation. Her work stems from an interest in the perception and psychology of looking.

A Fata Morgana is a horizontal mirage that appears in nature across the horizon.

“Fata Morgana is a site-specific work designed for, and inspired by, Madison Square Park,” said Fernández. “My concept was to invert the traditional notion of outdoor sculpture by addressing all of the active walkways of the park rather than setting down a sculptural element in the park’s center. By hovering over the park in a horizontal band, Fata Morgana becomes a ghost-like, sculptural, luminous mirage that both distorts the landscape and radiates golden light.”

Teresita Fernández’s Fata Morgana will be on view until January 10, 2016.