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June 10, 2020

Systems to Make it Easier to Safely Reopen Businesses

As NoMad businesses prepare to reopen, business owners are mindful of New York State and CDC guidelines to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including maintaining a six-foot distance, wearing masks, and routinely sanitizing high-touch surfaces.  It’s a substantial new responsibility, but we’ve been reading about a technology that may take a good deal of the work and worry away.

New AI-Based Tech Solution

A Seattle-based tech company has devised a technology solution that helps owners, employees, and customers to comply with guidelines throughout the workday. Nomad-Go has introduced HealthySpaces, an AI-based solution that provides continuous, real time information on the occupancy and density of a space, if mask usage is in place, and other useful environmental data.

It provides alerts that help to manage business space more safely. Alerts can be sent to owners or employees to advise when space has reached capacity and customers or employees should wait outside until the density decreases. It can also advise of social distancing compliance and mask usage.

HealthySpaces runs on smart devices, like cell phones or tablets. All data collected is anonymous and protected, so privacy and personal information is never compromised.

Aithority reports: David Greshcler, CEO of Nomad-Go states, “By using HealthySpaces, organizations get instant, precise data about the number of people occupying spaces and wearing masks, and to what extent social distancing is being followed. With this data, they can take actions such as altering spaces and improving signage. By integrating with HVAC systems, they can also improve ventilation and air quality.”

For more information on how Nomad-Go’s HealthySpaces works, click here.

Technologies like this will be useful in safely reopening restaurants, retail, and offices spaces. Importantly, it will help provide peace of mind and confidence to customers and employees as the world ventures into a new way of doing business.