There's No Place Like NoMad

June 13, 2014

Shack Week: April Bloomfield’s The Breslin Burger

Head over to Madison Square Park for the final day of Shake Shack's 10th anniversary celebration. Try April Bloomfield's Breslin Burger.

Shack Week, Shake Shack’s week-long 10th anniversary celebration in Madison Square Park, draws to a close today with the final celebrity chef-designed burger.

British chef April Bloomfield first came to prominence in New York after a 10 hour-long interview with Mario Batali (and a recommendation from Jamie Oliver) led to her opening The Spotted Pig. Since opening in 2003, Bloomfield has won two Michelin starred reviews at both The Spotted Pig and her NoMad-based restaurant The Breslin. Bloomfield also runs the kitchen at John Dory Oyster Bar and holds the honor of the highest score of a single challenger on Iron Chef America.

Bloomfield’s Breslin Burger is a meat-lovers dream. The beef burger is a simple dish intended to focus attention onto the creation’s tasty toppings: all-natural applewood smoked bacon and Tickler English cheddar cheese sauce.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive Q&A with April Bloomfield. See below:

EN: Congrats for being part of this great event!

April: Just to be a part of the ten year anniversary is amazing. I mean, how cool? It’s Shake Shack. These lines are huge. Who would have ever thought. It’s amazing. Shake Shack has become iconic. It’s becoming a part of the American culture.

EN: How did you come up with this burger?

April: I came up with this burger a couple of years ago when I opened The Breslin. I wanted to do something a little bit skinnier because I am normally known for eight-ounce burgers. So I cut it down to a six-ounce burger because I wanted it to cook faster. I decided to smoke my own bacon, so we do apple-smoked bacon in-house and then we fry it next to the bun so it picks up all of the smoked bacon fat. This makes the bun a little crispy. Then the burger goes on top with some cheese and then we steam it a little bit so you get this combination of a juicy burger with really porky bacon and lots of fatty cheese. We adapted the recipe a little bit here. We made Tickler English cheddar sauce, which is great for the cheese. It works just as well and is just as delicious.

EN: How did you meet Danny Meyer and the Shake Shack crew?

April: I met Danny Meyer years ago. We just became great friends and it was nice to get asked to do this. Who wouldn’t want to do this? It’s fun I was just in the kitchen composing all the burgers. It’s nice to get stuck in there and see how they operate. They were telling me I was too slow and that we would never get the burgers out to the people if I stayed in there so I left them to it. But it’s super sweet of Danny and Mark [Rosati] to ask me to do this. It’s awesome!

EN: The Breslin and John Dory are very popular sports in the Nomad neighborhood, what other spots do you like to eat at in Nomad?

April: I am a huge fan of 11 Madison. I go for drinks very often at The Nomad Hotel. Sometimes I go get fried chicken from Hill Country. I get those delicious pork sandwiches from Num Pang. I enjoy all of those places. There’s so much in this area, you don’t need to leave from it! The best thing is, I don’t live quite far from here so it’s convenient for me. I also love Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. All those places are great; this is truly a great area.