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November 19, 2012

SD26 Takeout Menu Exclusively for 15MSN

SD26 Takeout Menu now available for MSN15 Residents

There is now an SD26 takeout menu exclusively for 15MSN residents. An idea that was developed as a neighborly gesture in conjunction with some of the families in the building, the takeout menu offers child-friendly portions at a lower price than the regular menu.

They also are offering their full menu for adults. Tony May from SD26 assures that all of the takeout items will be prepared at the same high standard as when you dine at SD26.

15MSN residents can now call up the restaurant and place orders that will be ready for pick up or delivery within 30 minutes. Tony started this with the hope that it could help busy households. SD26 also offers a “neighbor card” that gives 10% off for dine in customers.

Takeout is available at SD26 from Monday through Friday starting at Noon and on the weekends starting at 430pm.