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February 25, 2019

“RSVP” For A Unusual, Fun Party at NoMad’s Arlo Hotel

Via Arlo Hotels

It’s chic. It’s funny. It’s fast-paced. It’s immersive. It’s sexy. Most of all, it’s a lot of fun. And it’s right in the heart of NoMad.

RSVP at Arlo is rapidly gaining a reputation for being one of the coolest new nights out in NYC—in part because of its innovative format, and in part because every iteration is fresh and different. Set in a stylish, den-like room at the Arlo Hotel, RSVP (which stands for “Real Sexy Variety Party”) is a 90-minute show where variety is the operative word. Twelve-minute, rapid-fire sets feature a wide range of talent, including music, comedy, magic, dance and the occasional burlesque performers (“sexy” is part of the name, after all).

But what makes this show stand out is the fact that it all takes place in an environment with almost no separation between artists and audience—less like a formal performance and more like a party in someone’s living room where some really talented people happened to show up. Among the performers at prior RSVP events have been: ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, comedian Khalid Rahmaan, performance artist Kristine Haruna Lee, reggae artist Felice Rosser and Grammy-nominated songstress Chaney Sims, just to name a few.

For all its innovation, RSVP is also affordable. A $5 ticket gets you a floor seat with a cushion, while $25 lands you a seat on a comfortable couch or chair. What’s more, every ticket includes a first drink free (where else in NYC can you find a drink for $5, much less a show with it?), and $8 house wine and beer after that—plus ticketholders get 15% off their bill at Massoni, the Arlo Hotel’s first-floor restaurant.

RSVP at Arlo takes place in two-night, four-show stints, either once a month or every other month. Preliminary lineups have been announced for the March 22nd-23rd and May 17th-18th performances. Scheduled shows for the remainder of 2019 can be found on the show’s website.


RSVP at Arlo

Arlo Hotel NoMad
11 East 31st Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 806-7000