There's No Place Like NoMad

April 21, 2017

The Re-imagined Redbury Hotel. Put a Little Rock ’n Roll in Your Night.

The facade of The Redbury hotel in NoMad, NYC.


It’s late, but the night is young. 

A car blows by and the raspy twang of Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” bellows out into the warm spring night. You’re feeling a little rock n’ roll, so you turn down 29th Street and head back to your hotel.


The front doors of The Redbury in NoMad, NYC.


You stroll through the double doors of the Redbury, and sepia-toned photos of old New York glamour, which line the foyer, welcome you back to another time, another age. The heady scent of wood-fired pizzas waft through the lobby from Danny Meyer’s Roman-inspired pizzeria Marta. At the front desk, you’re greeted by big smiles and an even bigger photo of Tin Pan Alley, an homage to NoMad’s history as the birthplace of pop music.


The lobby of The Redbury in NoMad, NYC.


The Redbury is very NoMad. Built within the walls of the historic Martha Washington Hotel, it has been completely reconceived by celebrated photographer and creative director Matthew Rolston. The sleek and live interior serves today’s world travelers, but it builds on a famous heritage. Its predecessor, the beautiful Beaux Arts Martha Washington Hotel first opened in 1903 just steps from Tin Pan Alley. It was renowned for being the first hotel exclusively for professional working women and the birthplace of the American suffragette movement.


Marta at The Redbury in NoMad, NYC.


You sink into a banquette at Marta and order the stracciatella pizza and a bottle of Etna Rosso, because you’re feeling decadent. The restaurant swirls and blurs in high gear like the wine cascading around your glass.

Dinner’s done, so you round the corner to Marta’s companion bar, an intimate, chill lounge tucked away from the clamor of the city. Chic armchairs and cold cocktails are needed after a long day.


Rooms in The Redbury hotel in NoMad, NYC


The day draws in, so you head upstairs to one of the 265 newly renovated rooms seemingly plucked out of Mick Jagger’s Laurel Canyon digs. A crimson wall adorned with framed pictures inspired by yesteryear Gotham welcomes you to the soft bed trimmed with bohemian throw pillows. 

“We wanted it to be like if you could have borrowed your friends really great apartment in Hollywood when they’re out of town…and they happened to be in the music business and they have great taste,” said Rolston on the design.

The night isn’t so young anymore, and you’re lulled to sleep by the opening bars of the Stones “Gimme Shelter.” Enough rock n’ roll for one day.