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December 12, 2014

Recap: The Mad. Sq. Park Tree Lighting

Madison Square Park celebrated the Holidays this past Tuesday with the annual Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony.

Madison Square Park recently celebrated the holidays with the annual tree lighting ceremony — a tradition begun 102 years ago. The Madison Square Park tree was the first community Christmas tree, a custom that has spread all over the world.  Until the advent of the Rockefeller tree, it was as tall and served as the center for the city’s holiday celebrations.

This year’s event featured a M.U.C.K. plant propagation workshop led by Gardener Steph and a musical performance by Audra Rox with the cast of Motown the Musical.

Madison Square Park greeted the Holidays this past week with their annual Holiday treating lighting ceremony.

Hill Country Chicken treated the crowd to apple pie bites and apple cider. Italian restaurant and wine bar SD26 warmed park-goers with hot pappa pomodoro (tomato soup), and food stand Frittering Away supplied hot apricot-ginger lemonade and strawberry-basil lemonade.

Those in attendance were able to wander inside and around Taste of Home’s “Gingerbread Boulevard” — a row of three life-sized gingerbread houses.

Thanks to all that came out and made the evening such a special night!