There's No Place Like NoMad

August 14, 2012

President Obama’s Fundraiser Creates Buzz for Nomad New York

President Obama held a fundraiser in NoMad New York

If you pay attention to this site, you already know that President Obama visited NoMad New York a couple weeks ago.

The POTUS netted $2.4 million at $40,000 a plate fundraiser at The NoMad Hotel. For NoMad, this visit shined the spotlight on our great neighborhood in the media.

The Christian Science Monitor called NoMad New York, “trendy” and asked if NoMad is “even hipper than Sarah Jessica Parker’s place.” As you might remember, Sarah Jessica Parker had previously held a fundraiser for the POTUS.

The Huffington Post chimed in as well citing the New York Times’ “rave” 3-star review of The NoMad restaurant’s “widely acclaimed menu.”

The POTUS also made news at the fundraiser stating that if the election were held today, “I think it would be close, but I think we’d win.” President Obama also spoke on economic progress, saying “We have made progress — 4.5 million new jobs, half a million in manufacturing, the strongest since 1990.” He also talked about how the housing market “is just now starting to tick back up again.”