There's No Place Like NoMad

September 14, 2018

Playday Opens in NoMad Fostering Children’s Creativity

What better spot for the third Playday location in New York City than in the city’s fast-growing hub of creativity — NoMad.  Playday encourages children to play and explore creativity and, in so doing, to master themselves, their bodies, and a variety of tools and techniques.  Playday’s aim is not to produce career artists but to raise children who are confident and comfortable with their creativity and know how to conceptualize in the wider world.  With the many families living in NoMad, we’re sure Playday will be a great success here.  Welcome Playday, you’re a perfect fit for our neighborhood!

Playday was founded by Gregory Okshteyn, an architect who saw that his own children were receiving very little art education in their local public school.  He is quoted by as saying “They are teaching creativity through math and writing, which is great, but the kids are not working with their hands.  They are not problem-solving and socializing the way we did when we grew up.”

Seeing a space open up across from his apartment in Long Island City, Okshteyn decided to open the first Playday, and the concept soared from the very beginning.  Online followers grew by 1,800 in 10 days and classes filled up quickly.

Playday provides an environment for socially driven cognitive stimulation for children of all ages. Classes in sculpting, drawing, model building, origami, weaving, typography, chess, architectural design, yoga, ping pong, and more are led by highly experienced instructors with a passion for mentoring and motivating children.  Instructors help to create the classes, and Playday’s inventive teaching strategies are evident in the design of the space, the connection made between student work and similar products in the real world, and the breadth of subjects Playday offers:

Grown Up and Me Music: Ages 9 Months+

Grown Up and Me Art: Ages 15 Months+

Fox Rock by Fiddle Foxes: Ages 1-4 (Musical Enrichment)

Kids Yoga

Open Play: Ages 6-12

Piano Lessons for Children: Ages 6+

Creative Activities to Introduce Young Children to Basic Skills and Art Tools, including:

Chess Strategy: Ages 6+

Little Architect: Ages 6+

Beginner’s Guide to Ping Pong: Ages 6+

Robot Assembly & Draw: Ages 6+

Studiocad — Creative Intro to Computers: Ages 8+

For details on all the courses offered, please visit the Playday site at:

122 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010