There's No Place Like NoMad

September 10, 2014

Pietro Scott-Jovane Talks Rizzoli and NoMad with CNN’s Richard Quest

Pietro Scott-Jovane, CEO of RCS Media Group, the Milan-based group that owns Rizzoli and many of the world’s leading papers, took to CNN’s airwaves yesterday to discuss the ways RCS is meeting the challenge of today’s digital environment.

As part of the discussion on Quest Means Business, Scott-Jovane explained why the company was committed to its New York bookstore and announced the company’s decision to relocate the store to a new part of town.

Scott-Jovane explained to CNN’s Richard Quest, “We saw in the closure… an opportunity to connect with the newer generations – the creatives – and we’ve now decided to announce that we’ll be opening the new store in the north of Madison Square [Park] area… we’ll be opening in Spring 2015.”

Announcement of the bookstore’s reopening created quite the media frenzy, appearing in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Observer, Gothamist, Curbed NYRacked, Commercial Observer and Media Bistro all within a matter of hours.

Laura Donnini, CEO of RCS MediaGroup’s Libri book division said in a released statement on the RCS website, “For fifty-plus years the Rizzoli bookstore in New York City has attracted the discerning consumer of erudite, beautifully produced volumes on art, design, interiors, fashion, as well as literature, and important non-fiction books. Based on extensive market research in advance of the re-opening, we expect this customer — both New York-based, and visiting from all points national and international — to embrace the 21st century version of their favorite bookstore.”