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February 17, 2017

Physical Therapy Near Madison Square Park: Tone House Has You Covered

Find physical therapy near madison square park at tone house


It seems as though great things often come to NoMad in waves. From the waves of upscale hotels and fine food spots to boutique fashion. Not to be overlooked is the fitness wave. Whether it’s AKT, Flywheel, SoulCycle, Mile High, Barry’s Bootcamp or Equinox, there are many great new places to work out with as many different ways to work out.

But what happens if you get an injury or simply want to teach your body to recover from strenuous workouts more quickly? This was the question Tone House sought to answer. In an interview with AM NewYork, Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson shared: “One thing I had noticed clients do is they will take a class and they’d just leave… They’re not recovering the way that an athlete should recover.” To respond to this, Wilson tried “to think of everything an athlete would do [to recover from workouts or injury]” and to make “sure they get an opportunity to have it [at Tone House] as well.”

What’s so cool about Tone House is how the gym works to train clients just as if they were a professional or a Division I athlete. Tone House recovery options include the following:


Recovery Classes

Tone House offers specific classes aimed at improving flexibility and preventing muscle soreness. These 30-minute classes are offered several times per day and allow customers to stretch properly and warm up with foam rollers before engaging in strenuous sweat sessions.


NormaTec boots

These ski-pant style boots apply pressure on your legs to improve circulation and prevent soreness. This is a perfect alternative for those who find foam rollers to be too painful. Sessions are $20 for 30 minutes.


Physical Therapy

Tone House partnered with Bespoke to offer in-house physical therapy sessions to address any injury or physical needs.


Cold Tub Therapy

Just like in the sports movies, Tone House clients can submerge in cold baths, which help to speed up recovery time and reduce lactic acid build up.


We are happy to see NoMad become a home for new ideas on how fitness regimens can be improved. If you are curious, sign up for a class at Tone House today!