The District That Inspires®

230 Fifth Avenue

The 230 Fifth Avenue New York MarketCenter™ was built in 1914. This 20 story building, formerly known as the “Lighting Building” was converted into a wholesale showroom building for the home industries in the early 1990s.


Barry’s Bootcamp is dedicated to changing lives worldwide through its creation of unique workouts and community. Its innovative techniques work the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve the cardiovascular system, lose weight, and build muscle.

CrossFit NYC

CrossFit NYC offers the advice and coaching needed to achieve any desired fitness level from a trimmer body to  extraordinary strength.

Duggal Visual Solutions

Duggal is an innovative visual solutions company with its New York Office in NoMad New York, which has provided complete visual solutions to the world’s leading image makers for over 45 years.

Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is a leader in indoor cycling-based fitness. It combines high-intensity interval training, metrics tracking, and some of the most motivating instructors in the country to help increase endurance, boost energy, and get riders in the best shape of their lives.


Forward provides healthcare in a brand new way, using a model in which people have access to doctors as often as they want for a monthly membership fee.

Gotham Glow

Gotham Glow has built a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted names in the airbrush tanning business, and is renowned for its superior and tasteful airbrush work.


Healthify is an innovative healthcare company incorporating social determinants of health into the clinical ecosystem. Its aim is to improve healthcare while preventing unnecessary costs. Healthify’s social workers, technologists, operators, and engineers believe no one’s health should be hindered by need.

Helix Sleep

Helix Sleep sells individually personalized, custom-made mattresses. Consumers are invited to answer an online questionnaire or to visit its brick-and-mortar showroom to discuss and test Helix Sleep’s personalized design.


iLoveKickboxing offers exceptional workouts with fun, no-contact fitness kickboxing routines. 60-minute bouts of dynamic cardio, stretching, and resistance training help sculpt the physique and burn calories. Workouts are never boring and always exciting and challenging.

LMT / Little M Tucker and Singer Equipment

M. Tucker is metro-NY’s largest foodservice distributor, and as part of Singer Equipment Company, Little M. Tucker is one of the six largest distributors of wholesale restaurant supplies and equipment in the country.

Looker Data Science

Looker Data Science brings data-driven decision-making to every facet of business. Its data platform allows users to save and mine data without the need of technical expertise.

Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club brings the popular group fitness format to running, offering a feel-good running experience for every body.

New York Sports Club

New York Sports Club offers the optimal exercise experience. Based on preferences and fitness goals – from stability, strength, and endurance to flexibility and regeneration – a personal combination of classes and experience are suggested.

Nomad Tower

Nomad Tower is a premium, 39-story skyscraper that captures the energy of NoMad. The building offers distinctive co-working and office space with floor-to-ceiling windows that feature 360-degree views of its dynamic neighborhood from the tower floors.


Nomadworks is conceived and designed as a co-working space to help companies not only to thrive, but also to grow. With its mission to make the workplace healthier for the individual and the business, it provides a boutique hospitality experience for its burgeoning membership.

Pop Physique

Pop Physique offers something far sexier than a standard workout. Its inimitable fusion of ballet techniques, positions, and exercise moves results in improved posture and flexibility, increased abdominal strength and tone, and increased body awareness.


Signpost offers dynamic management of online interactions between businesses and their customers. Its software automates the essential elements of building better customer relationships, helping local businesses get more reviews and grow revenue.


SocialCode is a leading digital marketing partner that turns the possibilities of digital marketing into performance. Its team of 300+ SocialCoders and partnerships with nine of the world’s premier digital platforms, can grow with any business at any size.


The AKT is a prescription-based dance concept developed by celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser, a positive combination of personal training and movement-based technique empowers members to become stronger in their bodies, minds, and communities – all while having fun.