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ThoughtWorks is a privately owned, global technology company with 42 offices in 15 countries. It provides software design and delivery, and tools and consulting services.

The global consulting and development company works with clients to create innovative proprietary software advances to improve business and create endless opportunities for clients. Working with giant names such as Sonic and Domino’s, the team delivers seamless and flexible digital experiences  In fact, with help from ThoughtWorks, Domino’s has become a highly digital-savvy: Revenue has doubled for Domino’s pizza franchises now that pizza lovers can order their food online using a simple digital platform developed by ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks is also closely associated with the movement for agile software development, and has contributed to a range of open source products.  Among the open source programs created by ThoughtWorks are: Selenium, GoCD, Gauge, Talisman, Bahmni, and QuickFix.  It is also involved in substantial social justice work, providing pro-bono or other developmental help for non-profits and organizations with socially-driven missions, including, among others, UNICEF and Democracy Now!

99 Madison Avenue, 15th floor
New York, NY 10016
(646) 412-5200