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Stride Consulting

Stride Consulting is an Agile software development consultancy that embeds and co-locates with tech teams to help businesses perform at their best. Stride partners highly skilled Agile developers with development teams across a myriad of industries.

With Stride, companies can tap into product managers, coaches, and designers to implement industry best practices, build better software, and scale efficiently and successfully. It’s helped hundreds of technology teams, including Simon & Schuster, Equinox, Plated, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

By bringing cutting edge technology and process, Stride Consulting helps to leverage the effectiveness of any team on an ongoing basis. It delivers transformative results and solutions at an exceptional success rate.

Stride Consulting
127 West 26th Street, Suite 1201
New York, NY 10001
(212) 634-7240