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SocialCode is a leading digital marketing partner that turns the possibilities of digital marketing into performance. Its team of 300+ SocialCoders and partnerships with nine of the world’s premier digital platforms, can grow with any business at any size.

Working closely with clients, SocialCode develops innovative ways to achieve social advertising goals and power success. In the dynamic world of digital communications, SocialCode believes it’s important to continually learn, change, and adapt. A best practice does not remain a best practice when technology and social media evolve daily.

Founded in 2009 by Laura O’Shaughnessy, SocialCode began with a strong foundation in buying social media. Its expertise grew and expanded into proprietary technology and creative services. Armed with experience, creativity, and measurable data, SocialCode not only applies its expert knowledge, it creates applicable knowledge through its ongoing pursuits.

151 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001