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Sketchfab is the largest platform to publish, share, and discover 3D content on web, mobile, and VR. Think of it as “YouTube for 3D content.”

It is far superior for showcasing 3D work when compared to standard screenshots, which cannot convey the artistry and excitement of 3D.

Since its inception in 2012, a growing international community of artists, designers, architects, hobbyists, engineers, brands, museums, game studios, schools, and more have embraced Sketchfab. 3D media on Sketchfab is available for anyone to see – using any browser, laptop, or phone.  It is the solution for publishing a 3D scene on Facebook or Twitter.

Located at 1123 Broadway in the historic Townsend Building, Sketchfab is turning 3D into a mainstream media format.

1123 Broadway, Suite 501
New York, NY 10010