There's No Place Like NoMad

Pop Physique

Pop Physique offers something far sexier than a standard workout. Its inimitable fusion of ballet techniques, positions, and exercise moves results in improved posture and flexibility, increased abdominal strength and tone, and increased body awareness.

Its specialized classes are designed to sculpt and tone in one hour. Classes incorporate weights, thigh-work and glute-work at the barre, core and flexibility work on the floor, and lots of full-range moves to get the heart racing.

Its flagship New York location in NoMad brings Pop Physique’s signature LA aesthetic to Manhattan. The second story loft space has two studios and individualized barre spots. Its distinctive fishnet wallpaper and custom lighting are more reminiscent of a European boutique than a workout studio.

The vibe at Pop Physique is anything but traditional. Every class playlist is customized to capture an exact moment in time with an eclectic mix of Indie, Hip Hop, EDM, Club Bangers, and the occasional #poptrack.

Driven by an artistic approach to fitness, innovative playlists, and its unique setting, Pop Physique delivers a transformative mind/body experience.

Pop Physique
31 West 26th Street, #2
New York, NY 10010
(646) 833-7426