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Mykonos Bleu

Mykonos Bleu serves traditional Greek cuisine that is as memorable as its city views. Patrons can expect fresh, natural, and bold flavors that evoke the islands of Greece. Located on top of the Hotel Hayden, it’s open breakfast through dinner.

In addition to ordering a la carte (entrees, small plates, salads, and sides), a range of tasting menus is available, including the Chef’s Journey through the Island. Whatever the approach to ordering, the delectable food can be paired with some of Greece’s most loved wines and spirits.

With its wide selection of dishes from small to generous portions, Mykonos Bleu is an ideal place for those who love sharing food. Be sure to enjoy the rooftop views, too. 

Mykonos Bleu
127 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
(646) 484-4339