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Ms. Kim’s Karaoke Bar

Ms Kim

Ms. Kim’s, a new K-town karaoke lounge from Korean beauty entrepreneur Anna Kim, combines sophisticated style with sing-alongs. Ms. Kim’s offers both communal space and soundproof private karaoke rooms, so guests can customize their experience as it suits their needs. Each room costs $120 per hour, fits up to 10 people, and has a special air filter that ensures you’re not sharing air with any other rooms.

In the main lounge and bar, mixologist-approved cocktails take the place of the ubiquitous karaoke bar beer pitcher. To eat, Ms. Kim’s offers a short menu of Japanese and Korean finger foods, like vegetable or shrimp tempura with four types of salt, three types of fried dumplings, and chicken karaage with garlic ginger soy sauce.

Ms. Kim’s Karaoke Bar
6 W 28th St 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001