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MAD Matiz Architecture & Design

MAD has two main areas of focus—architectural design and branding, and the firm’s goal in both areas is to bring clients extraordinary ideas, creative experimentation, strategic design, multidisciplinary talent, and environmental sustainability.

MAD operates with the philosophy that design is an integrated and cross-disciplined process. The studio is composed of architects along with interior and graphic designers from diverse backgrounds that strategically collaborate on projects.

Matiz Architecture & Design believes that the built environment is a living breathing entity with the ability to express emotion and intimately engage with its surroundings.  Focusing on commercial, institutional, residential and landmark projects , the practice ranges from single-family residences and work environments to large-scale university facilities and landmark renovation projects. The firm’s architectural clients include Columbia University, New York University, Pratt Institute, The Santa Fe Opera, The Boys and Girls Club and several innovative startups and co-working spaces such as Etsy, Ok Cupid and Urban Future Lab.

MAD Studio’s branding practice is committed to building strong brand identities that express dynamic, emotionally-charged personalities.  Committed to graphic, environmental, exhibition, retail and logotype design, the company has worked for clients that include Dailymotion, Quorum, Fiera di Vicenza in Italy and New York Presbyterian Hospital, to name a few.

MAD Matiz Architecture & Design
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