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November 26, 2012

Park Avenue Condo Complex Gets Name: Huys

Huys Condo Complex on Park Avenue courtesy of

The new condo complex going up at 404 Park Avenue South near Madison Square Park now has a name. The new building will be called Huys. This goes along with the general Dutch theme of the building.

The developer is Dutch as is the designer Piet Boon. The design is inspired by a 16th century pottery style from Netherlands known as “Delaware.” Huys is pronounced like the world “house.” The name draws from an old Dutch spelling for “City Hall” (“Stadt Huys”).

The building, which is planning a Spring 2013 launch, will contain 58 luxury condos ranging from 1-4 bedrooms. Take a walk by to see their cool blue and white netting which is supposed to represent what the final building will look like.