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April 25, 2013

Orly Genger Madison Square Park Installation Starts in May

Orly Genger madison square park art installation red yellow and blue

The Orly Genger Madison Square Park art installation will begin on May 2nd. Titled Red, Yellow and Blue, this work is the most recent commission by Mad. Sq. Art. We’re sure this will continue the success of recent commissions BuckyballEcho and Topsy Turvy.

This work will feature 1.4 million feet of rope (enough to traverse Manhattan top to bottom 20 times). The rope will be molded into three separate rope structures within the landscape of the park.

According to artist Orly Genger, “For Madison Square Park I wanted to create a work that would impress in scale but still engage rather than intimidate. In context to my other installations, the rope used for Big Boss (2010) at MASS MoCA will comprise only 10% of the rope used for the project at Madison Square Park, allowing me to work at an unprecedented scale. The tradition of knitting carries the sharing of stories and the installation draws on that idea. The repurposed rope brings with it the stories of different locations and by knotting it, a space is created for the words and thoughts of viewers in New York City to complete the work, creating a silent dialogue that waves along.”

Orly Genger’s Red Yellow and Blue will run until September 8th. After this Madison Square Park installation concludes, it will be the first Mad. Sq. Art commission to hit the road and will travel to the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum outside of Boston in October 2013.