There's No Place Like NoMad

July 2, 2013

NY Post Says “NoMad Lands”

 new york post writes up the nomad neighborhood

The NY Post recently published an extensive feature on the NoMad neighborhood. They declared that “NoMad Lands!”

The article talks about how “if you haven’t been tossing the term around, you soon will. This area, from 26th Street up to 30th and from Lexington Avenue over to Sixth, has seen an explosion of chic hotels, hip restaurants and glitzy residential buildings where there were once mostly wholesale clothing stores and rug merchants.”

The piece really showed a good grasp of what make the NoMad neighborhood food scene so great. They went into detail about how there is something for every budget stating, “let’s say high-end dining isn’t really your thing… have no fear: If you’re more of a casual diner, NoMad has you covered. There are new sandwich places like Num Pang (Cambodian sandwiches) and Melt Shop (grilled cheese). Hooni Kim, a Michelin-starred chef, recently opened his casual Korean gastropub, Hanjan, on West 26th Street, the same block as the also-new whiskey bar/restaurant Maysville.”

Head over to the article to read more raves about the NoMad neighborhood!