There's No Place Like NoMad

February 26, 2016

NoMad Neighbors: Trenton Kenagy of ThoughtMatter


NoMad Neighbors speaks with Trenton Kenagy of the nyc branding agency Thoughtmatter


From interior design to fashion design, the NoMad design community has continued to grow at a rapid clip. The newest addition is the branding and design studio ThoughtMatter. With an impressively unique portfolio of clients such as Converse, Yale Art Gallery and Getty Images, ThoughtMatter brings logic, intuition and an artful twist to its digital, environmental and print projects.

Trenton Kenagy is the Executive Creative Director at ThoughtMatter and shared with us that he’s thrilled to have joined the growing company at an early stage, employing his experience in design, strategy, branding and user experience. Prior to ThoughtMatter, Trenton spent years as the creative lead for national and global brands at Young & Rubicam Group and has worked with many top-notch clients such as GAP, Land Rover, REI and Microsoft.

Trenton was generous enough to share with us why NoMad is a good fit for ThoughtMatter and what he most enjoys about the neighborhood:


NoMad Neighbors speaks with Trenton Kenagy of the nyc branding agency Thoughtmatter


Why did ThoughtMatter choose NoMad for its business?

It’s centrally located, easy to get to, there are tons of bars and restaurants. And who doesn’t like working across from a park?

Does being in NoMad influence your business?

We’re proud to be part of a budding design community here, and everyone on our team is inspired by the neighborhood’s infectious energy.

What’s your go-to spot for morning coffee?

We have a vast selection of coffee pods, so normally our office Keurig; but when I want a great latte I head over to Birch Coffee.

Where do you go to decompress after work?

Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room. It’s across the street from us, we can’t be bothered to walk too far for booze.

What’s your favorite building in NoMad?

The Radio Wave Building on 27th Street. The architecture is slightly quirky and the building has so much history. It used to have the funkiest elevators in town.

What’s the most under-the-radar spot in NoMad?

ThoughtMatter, of course! We’re a new brand design and strategy studio on 24th Street.