There's No Place Like NoMad

July 6, 2015

NoMad Neighbors – Heyday Facial Shop

Heyday facial shop Julia Petrini, Adam Ross, Jeni Sykes and Michael Pollak.

In late May, NoMad welcomed a new neighbor: the Heyday facial shop. Heyday’s mission is to simplify skincare, offering customizable facials that are designed to fit everyone’s schedule and wallet. Clients can choose a 30 or 50 minute facial and enjoy a relaxing deep cleanse, tailored to individual skin types and needs. It’s a breakthrough concept, shattering old assumptions and habits surrounding facials.

Co-founder and chief brand officer Michael Pollack sat down with us to discuss Heyday’s down-to-earth mission and why they chose NoMad for the flagship store, located at 1130 Broadway. For more information, visit the Heyday website.

Heyday Storefront

How is Heyday different than a day spa?

We don’t use the word ‘spa’ because it comes with so many preconceived notions. We’re a facial shop taking the facial out of the spa and into people‘s everyday lives.  We believe professional skincare should fit our client’s wallet and schedule.

Being on the ground floor, being an easy-to-visit shop, being friendly to men and women alike — and focusing squarely on facials with our staff of over 20 amazingly talented skin therapists — are just a few of the difference that set us apart from the average day spa.


Why did you choose NoMad for your flagship shop?

NoMad is where it’s at! This neighborhood is evolving so rapidly and it’s at the crossroads of where our customer lives, works, dines, exercises and shops. Being a central place in Manhattan, NoMad allows us to learn a lot about many different types of clients.


How does being in NoMad influence your business?

One of the most surprising things about the neighborhood is the foot traffic. Being on the ground floor, the volume of passers-by has already influenced our business — both in our retail shop up front and in our eight treatment areas. Plus, with all of the offices in the area, we’re finding ourselves booked up in times of the day we didn’t expected to be. For example, more and more people are figuring out that a pre-work facial with us is a great way to start the day (and free up their evening), so we expect this business will continue to grow!

Customized facial treatment

Where do you grab your morning coffee?

We grab our coffee from a few places. We love Cathy at Broadway Café, who makes a mean iced coffee and remembers your preferences by your second visit. We also love a little walk to Birch, Stumptown, or Play, the café at the Museum of Sex.


Where do you go to decompress after work?

We’ve been visiting the Park, getting a margarita at Tacombi El Presidente, or hitting up a SoulCycle class at 28th Street — not necessarily in that order.


What’s your favorite event or installation in Madison Square Park?

We enjoyed Madison Square Eats — too bad it didn’t last longer!