There's No Place Like NoMad

September 13, 2017

NoMad Neighbors: Erik Lombardo of Marta

Check out The New York Times food review of Danny Meyer's new Marta restaurant in NoMad.

The Nomad Alliance’s inaugural benefit This is Nomad is fast approaching on October 2nd. We’re thrilled that Danny Meyer’s Marta is participating in the benefits silent auction providing dinner for two with a bottle of wine—a perfect date night combination!

Marta offers the most authentic wood-oven Roman pizza experience in the city, served with the hospitality Danny Meyer is famous for.

We recently spoke with the restaurant’s General Manager, Erik Lombardo, about Marta’s involvement in the neighborhood celebration.

What inspired you to get involved in the NoMad benefit?

One of the founding principles of Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) is its commitment to community. There are five main stakeholders in our virtuous cycle of enlightened hospitality: our employees, our guests, our community, our suppliers and our investors. We believe firmly that in order to take care of one you must invest in all, so we relish the opportunity to be a part of this benefit.

What’s your go-to spot for morning coffee?

I’m going to be self-serving and just say Caffe Marchio… cheap shot? Maybe, but I think we have the best coffee in the neighborhood and our pastries are “killer.”

What is your favorite building in NoMad?

The Emmet Building on the southeast corner of 29th and Madison Avenue. Construction started in 1911 and it has a mix of Renaissance and Gothic revival architecture that makes it look like a set straight out of the Tim Burton Batman movie. I love buildings that remind me that New York is the inspiration for Gotham City.


erik lomardo marta


Do you have a favorite block in the neighborhood?

Probably the walk past the Church of the Transfiguration in the autumn when the weather starts to turn or in the winter when it’s snowing, and everything is quiet. It’s like a small area of NYC that is walled off from the rest, where things just seem more peaceful.

Where do you go to decompress/get drinks after work?

Not so much anymore, but when we were [preparing for the opening of Marta] I would play Big Buck Hunter at Desmond’s like 3 times a week… I may still have the high score.

Favorite Burger in NoMad?

The Smith has a very legit burger. You get almost angry [about how good it is] eating it.

How does being in NoMad influence your business?

The residents in the area are very savvy, they’re well-informed and know what they want. Some of the best changes we made to Marta in the opening years came from our regular neighborhood guests asking why we don’t do certain things. I’m incredibly thankful for that feedback.