There's No Place Like NoMad

February 13, 2013

NoMad Neighbors: Brandon Laterveer from The NoMad Hotel

Brandon Laterveer sits down with Experience NoMad to tell us about his work at The NoMad Hotel

It’s time for another NoMad Neighbors post! This week, Brandon Laterveer was kind enough to answer some questions about where he likes to go in the NoMad neighborhood. Brandon is the dining room manager at buzzed about restaurant The NoMad. For those who aren’t familiar, The NoMad is located in The NoMad Hotel and features famed chef Daniel Humm.

Check out Brandon’s thoughtful answers about where he likes to hang in the NoMad neighborhood below!

Where do you go to lunch most often?

While I try to eat family meal at the restaurant most of the time, sometimes it can be hit or miss. On those days that its a miss, I definitely love No. 7 Sub in the Ace Hotel. Even though they got rid of the Philly Cheesesteak with Funyuns and cheese whiz (even more incredible than it sounds) I still manage to find a new favorite sandwich every time.

What is the quirkiest place in NoMad?

I would have to say the quirkiest place in NoMad by far is the “Le Trapeze” swingers club.  It’s pretty cool that right around the corner from the Museum of Sex and down the street from a hidden brothel, is a place that looks closed and abandoned on the outside but is actually a renowned swingers club on the inside.  It just goes to show that the neighborhood is host to some of the best hotels, restaurants, parks in the city also has a wild side.

Favorite art installation at Madison Square Park?

Has to be the “Event Horizon” Project from Antony Gormley that debuted in March of 2010.  While the sculptures were beautiful and the scope of the project was huge, the real reason I loved it was the reaction it elicited from everyone (myself included).  Every single person that saw the sculptures for the first time thought that someone was about to jump off the building or was just some creeper.  But then you looked at the surrounding buildings, saw all 31 sculptures, realized what it was, it made you appreciate the scope of the project.

Where do you go for drinks after work?

Since my wife works at Eleven Madison Park, on those rare occasions that we get off at the same time, we try to find a place in the middle to get a drink and some food.  We found Shorty’s Philly Cheesesteaks on Madison and 26th and knew that was the spot. There’s nothing better than a cold beer and a killer cheesesteak after a long dinner service.

What is your favorite spot to grab coffee?

Honestly, my favorite spot to get coffee is the coffee/bagel/halal stand right outside the hotel on 28th street.  It might not be hand picked from a small farm in Brazil, but nothing will give you a bigger boost than the caffeine load they put into that Diesel coffee.

What is your favorite building in NoMad?

I have to say my favorite building in NoMad is the NoMad Hotel.  One reason to love it, is how beautiful a building it is now; but the real reason I love it is how it went from a gorgeous building in the 20’s, deteriorated into rundown office space and then given new life as an incredibly beautiful hotel and restaurant.  The structure itself is regal and its crowned by a gold cupola on the rooftop.