There's No Place Like NoMad

April 13, 2020

NoMad Heroes: Eleven Madison Park Prepares Food for Hospital Workers and Those in Need

Eleven Madison Park, one of NoMad’s most notable restaurants, reopened as a non-profit that is preparing and distributing food for first responders and New Yorkers in need of food. Led by chef Daniel Humm, with funding help from American Express, the kitchen and staff are now focused on getting meals to New Yorkers on the front line and those facing hardship.

In order to help raise funds for relief efforts and programs like this one, Eleven Madison Park has been auctioning off dinners and other experiences to patrons who want to help.

The kitchen is preparing around 2000 meals per day. Rethink Food NYC is picking up and delivering meals prepared by Eleven Madison Park to hospitals and those who have relied on soup kitchens and similar places for food.

During the pandemic, and apart from their partnership with Eleven Madison Park, Rethink’s efforts now include the Restaurant Response Program, which will give eligible restaurants up to $40,000 to stay up and running by temporarily becoming food distribution centers for pick-up and delivery of meals for those who need them.

Rethink Food NYC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low or no-cost meals to New York City families in need. Originally, Rethink utilized excess food from restaurants, grocery stores, and corporate kitchens.

In times of great change, it is inspiring to see neighbors adapting and rising to the occasion in order to help those around them.