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September 13, 2016

NoMad Celebrates Plans to Restore St. Sava Cathedral

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© David Lubarsky – All Rights Reserved  — On the night of May 1, 2016, St. Sava Cathedral was ravaged by a powerful fire, utterly destroying its beautiful contents, vaulted roof, and stained glass. For the past four months, the blackened skeleton has loomed over the neighborhood, and we all came to fear we would be told that the structure could not be saved. In fact, there was an erroneous news report in late June that the church would be demolished. Now comes the welcome news that with some reinforcement the church structure may be saved. We have also learned that the parish of St. Sava is already actively raising money to rebuild its church — the mother church of the Serbian Orthodox religion in America.

The NoMad Alliance thinks the fire and the desire to rebuild this great piece of NoMad history are reminders to us all of the importance of NoMad’s heritage. In fact, one of the easily overlooked benefits of living and/or working in NoMad is that at any given time we can look out of our windows and see something of tremendous beauty handed down from the past: gorgeous architecture and ornamental detailing that have been erased from modern structures by a drive to optimizing profits. At the turn of the 20th Century, society placed great importance on the beauty and harmony of the world it was building, and we are the beneficiaries.

Photographer David Lubarsky maintains his office at 1133 Broadway overlooking St. Sava’s roof.  For the past two years, David has been photographing the inspirational beauty of St. Sava Cathedral from his singular window.


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One can see in the hundreds of photographs he has captured, his fascination for the building throughout the changing seasons, time of day and weather patterns. David also shows us how much we take for granted. What such structures add to the richness of our neighborhood and our lives as individuals and creative professionals with their beauty, creative stimulation, and sense of peace from an earlier, less frantic world. This is just one of the reasons NoMad is “The District that Inspires.”

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Looking at these selected images, one can see patterns of light, gorgeous architectural details heightened by snow and shadows, contrasts with the industrial world around, and a reminder of the gothic world’s quietude and grandeur.

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There is a restorative beauty in art that revives our spirit, and it is exceptional to be able to look out one’s office window and see such a sight in the middle of a hectic business day. Every human can take from these images a rewarding experience, albeit of many different kinds and on many different levels.

You can learn more about this wonderful historical and architectural landmark at these links:


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