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August 4, 2015

NoMad Architectural Firm Introduces Latest Work with An Imaginative Vision

William Reue Architecture designed the beautiful Riverview Townhouse in the west villiage

Upon completion of its latest project, the Riverview Townhouse in New York City’s West Village, William Reue Architecture wanted to document the design in a way that would honor the creative effort that had gone into it.   Still beauty shots wouldn’t do.  The firm commissioned a dance to be performed inside the building and videotaped it to capture the spirit of the building in a kinetic way.

Instead of being frozen in time, the building comes alive as an active force in an intriguing dance. Three dancers portray relationships among themselves that span a broad range, from belligerence to affection.  The interactions are intentionally ambiguous, but they might be perceived as an affair, a betrayal, an obsession, a seduction, an addiction, the end of a relationship, or a combination of any or all of these.

The dance metaphorically suggests the gambit of life events that may happen in this space in the future, while the gracefulness of the dancers seems to heighten our attention on the beautiful flow of design and light that William Reue Architecture has created in this building.


The film, entitled “Elevation — A Ballet Exploration of An Architectural Space,” is unique in its seamless overlapping of art forms — architecture, dance, film and music.  The choreography was created for Reue by Sean Roschman, Brandon Block directed, and the music was created by Hays Holladay, an experimental musician based in Los Angeles.

The resulting four-minute video is powerful and may herald a paradigm switch in how new architectural projects are presented.

Take a look:

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