There's No Place Like NoMad

October 23, 2018

NoMad Among NYC’s Top Neighborhoods for Design


NoMad is The District that Inspires®, and it always has been. During the Gilded Age, NoMad attracted the country’s most famous architects, writers and engineers, with names like Burnham, Twain, and Tesla. It also attracted actors and performers like Edwin Booth and Lily Langtry, and was a photography center personified by Alfred Stieglitz. A bit later it became home to the musical geniuses of Tin Pan Alley. Over the past few years, the neighborhood has been experiencing another renaissance, this time as a hub for designers and creators of every variety. The fact was recently acknowledged in the press when the New York Post listed NoMad as one of NYC’s “buzziest neighborhoods for design.”

Within the space of a few blocks, you’ll find the studios of graphic designers, architects, interior designers, software developers, photographers, advertising agencies and others as well as the offices of their support services and the showrooms attendant to their industries.

Indeed, from elegant interior design showrooms like Moooi to stylish art galleries like Del Deo & Barzune and Illustration House, to the flagship furniture showroom of ddc, NoMad has become a nexus for designers of all disciplines.

Why Designers Are Drawn to NoMad

What makes this neighborhood so attractive to the design sector?  It’s likely several factors:

  • NoMad is easily accessible from many NYC locations. With multiple subway lines either passing through or within walking distance, clients can meet with their designers more easily during business hours without disrupting their own work day. Also, the abundance of great spots for lunch, dinner and drinks makes it a great neighborhood in which to entertain clients.
  • As more designers flock to the area, they find it more convenient to interact and collaborate together on projects. An interior designer can often coordinate with an exotic textile purveyor without even leaving her building. Decorators can shop for furniture, lighting, art pieces and décor, all just steps from their studios. A graphic designer can find photographers and writers down the hall or around the corner.
  • NoMad offers a unique blend of historic architecture built of the finest materials, stylish modern high-rises, eclectic gathering places, the natural beauty of Madison Square Park, and an exciting inventive vibe.  All of these provide ample inspiration for creatives. Simply put, designers find the surroundings both eye-pleasing and energizing—a place they love to come to work every day.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, redesign the interior of your current home, rebrand your company, or develop an online ad campaign, you know just the neighborhood to go to.  If you’re a designer looking for office, studio or showroom space, few places will provide the sense of camaraderie, access to showrooms and suppliers, and sheer creative drive that you’ll find here in NoMad.