There's No Place Like NoMad

November 18, 2013

Near NoMad: Artisanal Bistro

artisanal park ave in nomad

We have so many great restaurants in the heart of NoMad that it often can make us forget delicious options just a block or two further. One restaurant you should definitely dine at is Artisanal Bistro. This Parisian style eatery opened in 2001 and sits just on the edge of NoMad at 2 Park Avenue (and 32nd street).

Artisanal Bistro specializes in Chef-Proprietor Terrance Brennan’s unique twists on traditional French bistro dishes served up in a dining room that has an exciting New York vibe.

We recently went to Artisanal to celebrate a birthday, and our dinner became a party. The wait staff is so accommodating we thought friends had invited us over for dinner. Everything was delicious from scrumptious gnocchi to a beautifully crusted steak au poivre and French fries made precisely as they should be made — crisp on the outside and smooth as silk inside. We didn’t have cheese, but they have one of the city’s most extensive collections of cheeses; it takes up the entire back of the menu.

For more information head over to the Artisanal Bistro website.