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October 10, 2014

Massimo Bottura’s Columbus Day Shake Shack Burger

Three Michelin Star winning Chef Massimo Bottura celebrates Columbus Day and the upcoming Shake Shack renovations by bringing his Emilia Burger to MSP.


Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack will be closing for renovations this winter. The final day of operations for the year will be this coming Monday, October 13th. To celebrate the iconic stand’s renovations, Shake Shack will hold a Columbus Day celebration, featuring a specially crafted burger by world-renowned Italian Chef Massimo Bottura and Shake Shack culinary director Mark Rosati.

Bottura, who first made a name for himself as the Chef at three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana, will be present in the park to present the burger. The burger, called the ‘Emilia’ is a LaFrieda-blend beef and parmigian-reggiano patty topped with two slices of Italian cotechino, bright salsa verde and a balsamic mayonnaise.

As with this summer’s Shack Week celebrations, only 1,000 specialty burgers will be made, so be sure to get in line early. Head over to Madison Square Park at 11 a.m. when Shake Shack opens and check it out!